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EZRA HEALTHCARE INC. is inviting you to network with your colleagues and many dedicated organizations who serve our older adults.

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Mission Statement


Peer Leadership Interaction and Consulting Group

  • The program is designed for the success of the group by working together and supporting each other in a critically open and frank manner for the purpose of obtaining mutual benefit.

  • All information, and feedback therefrom, is taken from the point of view of colleagues in the same position of authority and similar areas of expertise.

    Members Benefit

    1.Opportunity for exposure to different and new ideas from different perspectives.
    2. Opportunity to discuss concerns and issues in your practice area in a supportive and confidential setting with your peers.
    3. Minimize stress and burnout by a sense of belonging and having the comfort of knowing that you are not alone and are not performing alone.
    4. Enhance your self- direction, goal setting, and independent decision making
    5.Enjoy the analysis and perspective of others to enrich and empower your own point of view
    6. Improve your skills and operational performance
    7. Continue to acquire new knowledge
    Members have a privilege for ONE HOUR FREE advice or consult on any issue that needs to be discussed privately or immediately for an issue that can not wait until the next meeting.

    As a member, you will learn and gain significant knowledge of practical and valuable information, and the benefits of its application, for just a small investment of $175.00 per year.


    Make your payment payable to Ezra Healthcare, Inc.
    Mail to:

    9025 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 301
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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    >The group meets once a month for one hour meeting.
    >Guest speakers from different disciplines
    >Meeting reminders (Place &Time ) will be sent out days before the meeting
    >Meetings start promptly with Refreshments.

    Mission Statement

    The program is geared to provide each of its members with a stimulating environment, which will provide important and practical topics for its members to learn and take away .



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