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EZRA HEALTHCARE INC. is inviting you to network with your colleagues and many dedicated organizations who serve our older adults.


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is a Professional Comprehensive   Healthcare Consulting Firm that
provides an array of services to i
ndividuals, families and health care providers.

Services include:

*Promote Healthy Aging throu

* Consult and assist in facilitating
donated medical equipments and

* Assist towards utilization of community programs and resources that are available to elders and their families

* Consult and assist in cost containment without Jeopardizing patient’s care and safety











Dr. Ezra is a member of the American Society on Aging, the International Federation of Aging, and United Nations Association of United States of America. 

She has two decades of experience in health care industry with the emphasis in Geriatric consulting.  She addresses diverse backgrounds of Care with compassion not only for her clients, but their families and healthcare providers

Dr. Ezra has a well-rounded knowledge of Healthcare Delivery Systems both in developing and developed countries through her education and work experiences in various capacities.

Dr. Ezra had the honor of participating in the United Nations-sponsored Official Committee for Older Persons, that included important leaders in their respective disciplines.

In addition to teaching and consulting, she has given numerous workshops, seminars and continuing education courses to health care providers to keep them abreast of current health care delivery policies and procedures.

Her consulting service is particularly designated to acknowledge and respect the dignity, interest, and wisdom of all her clients.

* Promote Aging in place

* Train and provide continuing education for professional healthcare providers and para-professionals

* Develop, evaluate and enhance community resources

* Advise of preventive measures to avoid injuries at home

* Assist in the initial transition phase, and throughout the process of achieving the goal of independence

* Analyze regulatory guidelines for maximizing efficiency of quality patient care in the healthcare delivery system

*Identify high risk and high cost patients and coordinates the management of their medical condition to have a healthy life

*Work closely with providers and clients to identify and address their specific needs

*Services are offered in seminar and workshop format, as well as both on-site and by phone, fax, or e-mail

Ezra Healthcare, Inc. can help realize the goal of obtaining the highest quality service at the most reasonable cost.

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