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EZRA HEALTHCARE INC. is inviting you to network with your colleagues and many dedicated organizations who serve our older adults.

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1.  M130-T  Acute Pain Management: Operative or Medical Procedures
and Trauma (2 hr)
2.  M203-T  Aging: The Natural Process (1 hr)
3.  UP200U-T  Bloodborne Safety: Universal Precautions, Standard Precautions, and Needlestick Prevention in Long Term Care (1 hr)
4.  78098-T  Breaking the Chain of Nosocomial Infections:
Pneumonia (2 hr)
5.  HC0103-T  Coaching Novice Managers in the Progressive
Disciplinary Action Process (1 hr)
6.  M092-T  Communications: Nurse-Patient Relationships (2 hr)
7.  M094-T  Communications: Peer Relationships (2 hr)
8.  ACNA78078-T  Confidentiality: Ethical and Legal Considerations (Certified Nursing Assistant CE) (1 hr)
9.  M168-T  Confidentiality: Legal and Ethical Concerns in Healthcare (1 hr)
10.  HC0101-T  Conflict Management (2 hr)
11.  M131-T  Continuous Quality Improvement in Healthcare (2 hr)
12.  M128-T  Continuous Quality Improvement In Long Term Care (2 hr)
13.  M143-T  Controlling Violence in Healthcare (2 hr)
14.  WM505-T  Culturally Competent Care: An Overview (1 hr)
15.  RM0102-T  Defensible Documentation (1 hr)
16.  HC0113-T  Developing Policy and Procedure Documents (2 hr)
17.  M201RC-T  Fall Prevention in Long Term Care: A Comprehensive
Fall Prevention Program (0.5 hr)
18.  M201RB-T  Fall Prevention in Long Term Care: Preventative Strategies and Products (0.5 hr)
19.  M201RA-T  Fall Prevention in Long Term Care:
Risk Assessment (0.5 hr)
20.  M214-T  Getting Ready for Terrorism: Preparing the Healthcare Community for Biological, Chemical, and Radiological Weapons (2 hr)
21.  WM506-T  HIPAA - A Guide for Long Term Care Workers (1 hr)
22.  M224TA-T  HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: An Overview (0.5 hr)
23.  M224TB-T  HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: The Privacy Rule (0.5 hr)
24.  M224TC-T  HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: The Security Rule (0.5 hr)
25.  HC0115-T  How To Write a Targeted Resume (2 hr)
26.  M147-T  Infection Control: A Training Program for Healthcare Professionals (3 hr)
27.  M098-T  Meeting Mental Health Needs (2 hr)
28.  M100-T  Meeting Mobility, Sexual and Nutritional Needs (2 hr)
29.  M099-T  Meeting Oxygenation, Fluid and Electrolyte Needs (2 hr)
30.  M215-T  Nursing Negligence: Protect Yourself, Protect Your
Patients (2 hr)
31.  M186-T  Nutrition Screening: Identifying the Hidden Signs of Nutritional Risk (2 hr)
32.  M223R12-T  Patient Safety: Your First Concern (meets National Patient Safety Goals, 2011) (1 hr)
33.  M229S-T  Preventing Health Care-Associated Infections in
Long Term Care (1 hr)
34.  M237-T  Preventing Needlestick Injuries (1 hr)
35.  M169-T  Prevention, Assessment and Treatment of
Pressure Ulcers (2 hr)
36.  HC0102-T  Problem Solving (1 hr)
37.  M206-T  Protecting Patients From Medical Errors (1 hr)
38.  M191-T  Providing Patient Education to Meet Joint Commission Standards (1 hr)
39.  M252B-T  Restraints: Alternatives to Restraints (0.5 hr)
40.  RM0101-T  Risk Management: Protecting Patients, Protecting
Your Practice (1 hr)
41.  M166T-T  Standards for Infection Control: An Update for
Healthcare Workers (2 hr)
42.  OR1804-T  Team Building (1 hr)
43.  ACNA78082-T  The Legal Aspects of Negligence
(Certified Nursing Assistant CE) (2 hr)
44.  HC0117-T  The Manager As Facilitator (2 hr)
45.  OR1816-T  The Role of Registered Nurses in the Supervision of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP) (1 hr)
46.  HC0208-T  Understanding and Managing Costs (1 hr)
47.  HC0201-T  Understanding Managed Care (2 hr)
48.  M249B-T  Wound Care: Normal and Impaired Healing (0.5 hr)
49.  M249C-T  Wound Care: Nursing Interventions (0.5 hr

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