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Clinical Documentation (Inpatient/Outpatient)
for Highest Level of Reimbursement

Clinical documentation is critical to receive the highest level of reimbursement. Limited or insufficient documentation related to the patient's diagnosis can result negatively in the overall reimbursement process. If claims lack clear, concise and appropriate supporting documentation, it forces the medical reviewer to make requests for correction and for more medical information, which delays payment, or can even result in the denial of payment altogether. Ultimately, that slows down the cash flow and adversely affects general revenue. While patient care is extremely important, and it is the core value of healthcare delivery, the reality is that medical reviewers that analyze documentation for medical necessity, to determine the level of reimbursement (Approve, Modify or Deny) does not necessarily see the patient's condition as the active healthcare practitioner does. The reimbursement decision is based mainly upon the submitted documentation. The key to maximizing reimbursement is adequate documentation of medical necessity and reasonableness.

Ezra Healthcare, Inc. provides experienced consulting services with strong skills in geriatric care and the actual performance of utilization review decision-making for the State of California Department of Healthcare Service for twenty (20) years, including review through the Appeal process. Ezra Healthcare, Inc. is pleased to offer its services to help you maximize your profitability, whether it is to simply expedite the reimbursement process or to prevail in the appeal process. Please let us help you to enhance your reimbursement results. In addition to medical documentation, Ezra Healthcare would like to extend its services in reviewing regulatory compliances, writing policies and procedures or make evaluation and offer recommendations so that standards are being met.

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