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EZRA HEALTHCARE INC. is inviting you to network with your colleagues and many dedicated organizations who serve our older adults.

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Dr. Ezra is a member in good standing of the Society of Aging, the International Federation of Aging, and United Nations Association of United States of America. She has spent the past two decades in healthcare, with the emphasis in Geriatric consulting. A compassionate consultant with a strong desire to help her clients, Dr.Ezra has grown professionally from her early career through positions of management and teaching, culminating in her present career as a Health Care Consultant. With particular expertise in Geriatrics, she provides a combination of care and compassion not only for her clients, but their families and health care providers. A beneficiary of a multicultural background, she has gained insight into the needs of numerous races, religions and cultures. In 1999 Dr. Ezra had the honor of participating in the United Nations-sponsored Official Committee for Older Persons, that included important leaders in their respective disciplines. In addition to teaching, she has given numerous workshops and seminars to health care providers to keep them abreast of current health care delivery policies and procedures. Her consulting service is particularly designated to acknowledge and respect the dignity, interest, and wisdom of all her clients.





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